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My name is Joseph B. (Joe) Hendrix

I am a Freelance Professional Photographer who has been taking travel photographs for many years. I grew up in northern Texas, where I joined the Air Force in 1976 after graduating from High School. I retired from the Air Force in 2013. I have been very fortunate over the years to have traveled as extensively as I have and having been afforded the opportunity to document my travels on film. I have gathered hundreds of thousands of images but only my most favorite shots are represented here on this web site:

The photography I have chosen to share with you has very special significance to me. Each image was taken with the greatest skill and determination that I have to offer. As you will see, there are very few images with people in them. It's not because I don't like people (I love people); it just wasn't the way I wanted to capture the views. Funny, my wife and daughter accompany me on my photo shoots and always asked Dad; how long are you going to stand there and wait for those people to move out of your picture? Actually, I hate to put them through that but, hopefully you will see the results of my labor as you maneuver through the web-site.

As you look through my many gallery pages, you will witness my passion for travel and the experiences I have shared with many friends and family through the years. Many of you have been to these places, so many of the images will bring back many memories of special times. Others of you will be awed and amazed that such places really exist. Regardless of your interests or mindset, sit back and let me take you there. Let me take you to wonderful and special places. If you like an image, it can be purchased and simply downloaded to your computer for your own personal use, i.e., used for printing for framing or as a screen-saver, etc. If you choose to use the image for commercial use, please locate the Terms and Conditions tab located on the Home Page for directions. If you would like to purchase an image; simply follow the process for payment. The process is pretty common to most web sites.

I can also be hired as a consultant if you would like. My fee can be discussed during our initial consultation. There will be a link on the web-site for that as well. And, if you have any suggestions that can help me improve my web-site or improve my photography, please let me know. Over the years, I am convinced that the more folks that look at something, the greater the chances there will be for improvements.

Feel free to e-mail me at: or as additional ways of contacting me.

Thank you. Hope you enjoy yourself!!!

Joseph B. (Joe) Hendrix

Joseph Hendrix Photography, LLC

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle." - John Watson

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Nile River Merchants by Joseph Hendrix


Dream Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park by Joseph Hendrix


Havasupai Reservation by Joseph Hendrix


Colorado Apens and Flowers by Joseph Hendrix


Emerald Lake Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park by Joseph Hendrix


Neuschwanstein Castle with a Glider by Joseph Hendrix


Mormon Row Barn - Grand Tetons by Joseph Hendrix


Aspen Splender Steamboat Springs by Joseph Hendrix


Nymph Lake and Flattop Mountain by Joseph Hendrix


Rocky Mountain Cairn by Joseph Hendrix


Luxor Shoeshine Girl by Joseph Hendrix


Giza Camel Taxi by Joseph Hendrix


Long Lake Splender by Joseph Hendrix


Venice at Dusk by Joseph Hendrix


Predjama Castle, Predjama Slovenia by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Eltz - Moselle by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Eltz - Moselle by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Eltz - Moselle by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Eltz - Moselle by Joseph Hendrix


View of the Eiger from the Piz Gloria by Joseph Hendrix


Luxembourg WWII Memorial Cemetery by Joseph Hendrix


Royal Gorge Cactus with flowers by Joseph Hendrix


Luxembourg WWII Cemetery by Joseph Hendrix


Spello - Via Torri di Properzio by Joseph Hendrix


Chapel on the Rock - Estes Park - Colorado by Joseph Hendrix


Bear Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park by Joseph Hendrix


Picture Bench Partinkirchen Germany by Joseph Hendrix


Church of the Assumption Lake Bled Slovenia by Joseph Hendrix


Cape de Formentor Pollenca Majorca by Joseph Hendrix


Goslar Intersection Goslar Germany by Joseph Hendrix


Flower Cart Normandy France by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Eltz in Profile by Joseph Hendrix


Lorraine WWII American Cemetery St Avold France by Joseph Hendrix


Burg Linster Bourglinster Luxembourg by Joseph Hendrix


Bear Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park by Joseph Hendrix


St Wolfgang Splender by Joseph Hendrix


Little Venice Colmar France by Joseph Hendrix


Valldemossa Mallorca by Joseph Hendrix


Zugspitz Bahnen Garmisch by Joseph Hendrix


Sunning Sand Crab by Joseph Hendrix


Mespelbrunn Reflection by Joseph Hendrix


Mespelbrunn Reflection by Joseph Hendrix


Stormy Coastline Madeira Island by Joseph Hendrix


London Tower Beefeater by Joseph Hendrix


The Doors of London by Joseph Hendrix


Piccadilly Circus Underground by Joseph Hendrix


London Tower Guard by Joseph Hendrix


Alder Lake Stumps by Joseph Hendrix